Relax. Recharge. Reclaim. Signature Retreat

The Mindfulness Retreat Center in Saco, Maine

September 14-16, 2018


When was the last time you gave yourself permission to take a break from the pressures of daily life and relish in some juicy “me time?” 


Most women can’t remember or don’t quite know where to start. 


I will guide you through a stress-free, uncomplicated weekend of deep rest and delicious nurturance so you can make yourself a priority and fill your tank.


This mini-retreat is a chance to get unplugged, step away from responsibilities, let go of your to-do list and release accumulated tensions from your body and mind.  You’ll experience how incredibly AWESOME it feels to take time out and put your attention on yourself.



Come nourish yourself as we take a deep dive into self-care. This weekend is the perfect balance between restorative practices and practical teachings that you can take home and integrate into your everyday life.


You will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn important skills and practices that reduce stress and tension and lead to optimal health, peace, joy and contentment

  • Recharge with extra sleep and rest to restore and reclaim your energy

  • Get in touch with your deepest needs and determine a plan to honor them

  • Enjoy delicious vegetarian meals to help purify and nourish your entire being

  • Connect with Nature and the awe of life

  • Experience what being away for a weekend in a supportive container with other women can do for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually


 What’s included:

  • Two nights lodging – single, double or triple occupancy on a first come basis. Book with a friend or meet a new one!

  • Five nourishing and satisfying vegetarian meals and healthy snacks

  • Four Workshops on a natural approach to stress management and self-care that can improve every area of your life

  • A Finding Peace Yoga Workshop* with Deborah Keene from the Ayurveda Yoga Center in Liberty, Maine

  • Precious time for yourself to unplug, be off-duty, relax and just let go


*Finding Peace Yoga with Deborah Keene – This practice, designed for any level, is based upon ancient Yogic techniques consisting of gentle postures, breathing practices, meditation, chanting, and deep relaxation. The session will begin with simple yet powerful yogic exercises to clear heaviness and energetic blocks, balance the nervous and hormonal systems, and increase circulation so that our vital life force, prana, is moving freely. Following will be practices focused on providing nourishment with restorative yoga postures and deep relaxation.  
Also included will be a soothing meditation to use when our faith is shaky and we need a sense of being cared for and protected.



Total Investment – Lodging, meals and all workshops:

Double or Triple Occupancy (3 rooms) –  $425

Single room (1 room) – $475

All rooms have a shared baths.




Do you know someone who could benefit that you’d like to share this weekend with? Invite a friend!

Space is limited to 8 participants. Please register early to insure your spot.




•Email Sandra Dugliss at

•In the body of the email, please mention the June RRR retreat and share why you want to attend and what you are hoping to get out of the weekend. You can be as brief or as explicit as you want. Anything you share is completely confidential. This information will help me fine tune the details and best meet the needs of the group. I will respond and provide a link to submit tuition.

Our time together allowed me to break free from my familiar routine. Surrounded by a supportive feminine community I enjoyed being pampered and cared for in a beautiful Nature location. I marvel at the difference a weekend can make in soothing my emotions and my body. When I drove home I felt grounded, nurtured, enriched, peaceful, hopeful, loving, connected and joyful. As if my cup of life was full to the top. I felt more generous, more understanding of myself and others, more open to receiving, and a lot more rested. J.B., Westbrook, ME

I found the weekend to be exactly what I needed to reset my body and it has been easier than expected to continue with several of the techniques we learned. I have continued with daily meditation which was one of my goals.  I felt equally pampered and connected with the whole group.  J.B., Sebago Lake, ME