Women’s Energy Makeover – Weekend Lake House Retreat


Do you lack motivation and feel physically, mentally or emotionally exhausted?


Are you counting the days until spring with the hope that somehow you’ll reclaim your energy and enthusiasm?


Would you like to be supported with fresh ideas, insights and inspiration that will help you reset your mood and energy level to help get back on track?

The Energy Makeover Retreat was specifically designed with you in mind!



Join Sandra Dugliss, Holistic Health and Lifestyle Consultant, and Sara Nelson, Reiki Master and Feng Shui Expert, for an experiential and empowering weekend of time-tested wisdom that will nourish and invigorate you in body, mind and emotions.



Everything is energy, and everything in life takes energy! Without it you feel lifeless, exhausted, depressed and stressed.



This weekend retreat is intended to give you the tools to immediately recharge and make positive changes in your lifestyle and routine that will translate into an energetic shift on every level.



We’ll explore the most effective ways to improve your energy immediately, such as:


  • Optimizing physical and emotional digestion to maximize your available energy

  • Understanding the relationship between food and energy, far beyond just healthy choices

  • Learning the most effective practices necessary to cultivate deep and restorative sleep

  • Creating a supportive environment based on the principles of energy flow in your home.

  • Moving and connecting with our bodies to restore energy flow and activate our innate healing potential


…And much more!



After participating in the Energy Makeover Weekend, you’ll leave with the tools you need to make simple yet powerful and positive changes that yield real results, fast!



Each participant will also receive:


  • A 20-minute consultation with Sandra Dugliss to identify an area of focus and one strategy to implement to improve your energy when you get home.

  • A 20-minute Reiki Session with Sara Nelson to identify areas in you body where blockages may reside and restore the flow of Chi in your energy system.


The weekend package includes:

  • Two nights lodging in a luxurious lakefront home in Raymond, Maine

  • Five super healthy, energy dense, vegetarian meals and snacks

  • All teachings and handouts to support and sustain your energy makeover at home



Give yourself the gift of precious time and make yourself a priority. Reclaim your energy and restore yourself to a more vibrant and joyful state of being!




Registration and Investment:

Lake house bunk room with twin beds – $425/pp – 6 spots

Single room with queen size bed – $495/pp – 2 spots



Please view the rooms at the pristine Raymond Retreat here – They are all beautiful! 



Do you know someone who could also benefit? Invite a friend!


We look forward to sharing this uplifting weekend with you!

Sandra and Sara