Welcome to Heart-based Meditation


Most meditation practices use will power and concentration to try to overcome the mind and force it into silence. This is why you may think meditation is difficult, or that you can’t “do it”… because it is the nature of the mind to think and we cannot go against what is natural.


But what if I told you that Heart-based Meditation is different and can be truly effortless. That there is nothing to try for, nothing to force or achieve, and no experience you’re “supposed to have” while meditating.


Heart-based Meditation is a simple technique that allows you to return to your natural state of peace and joy with ease, while offering countless benefits that are deeply transformational and life-changing, including:


    • Reduction of stress and anxiety

    • Improved mental clarity and memory

    • Better sleep and improved energy

    • Fewer emotional “triggers”

    • More harmonious relationships

When you learn Heart-based Meditation, you will learn to how to let go and allow the natural process of clearing and releasing to take place, while making friends with any thoughts that may arise. Thinking is not the enemy, in fact, it’s a  very good sign that the meditation process is working (I’ll explain how this is possible during your training).


I can teach you Heart-based Meditation online or in-person as part of your consultation package if you decide you want to learn. It’s not a requirement, but is recommended.


I’ve been practicing and teaching this technique for over 7 years and it has helped transform my life and the lives of many, many people I know. Contact me if you have questions or to find out about an upcoming training.