I help women alleviate the negative effects of stress to reveal their inner radiance and live happier, healthier, more balanced lives!

Sandra Dugliss







Tailored to Your Unique Needs


Stress-related imbalances can be alleviated by addressing:


Sleep – Overcome difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep to help rejuvenate the nervous system, balance emotions and reclaim your vital energy


Digestion – Create healthy digestion and elimination for increased energy, natural detoxification, weight management and better immunity


Diet – Choose foods that nourish and ground the body and soothe the mind 


Lifestyle – Learn self-care practices that are nurturing, supportive and easy to incorporate 


Daily Routine – Discover the most important keys to engaging in activities that will optimize your results and put you in the effortless flow of life


Attitude – Shed old beliefs, patterns and programming that keep you stuck in ways that don’t serve… it’s time to thrive, not just survive


Energy – Free up stagnant energy and restore your reserves so you can feel healthy, happy and vibrantly alive!

I’ll share natural, holistic methods that will empower you to make common sense choices that can significantly improve how you feel in body, mind and emotions and give you your life back.


I’ve done it and you can too!

The process of changing diet and daily habits that were not serving me were just plain easy to do with the information and education Sandra provides.  The benefits are so much deeper than improving the way I eat and losing a few pounds.  I am more centered, calm and myself.  I know that healing is happening on a much deeper level now. The guidance and support Sandra gives is gentle and realistic…with lots of encouragement.

W.B, Casco, ME


Investing in your total wellbeing is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the best investment you can make. 

Take to heart the value of what you will receive in terms of the potential transformation of your quality of life and what that would mean to you. For most women, this value is far beyond the monetary investment they make with me.



I have a no tipping policy. The rates you see are your only investment.



Consultation options


Consultations include:

  • Review of your new client paperwork prior to your first appointment so we can make the most of our time together in person

  • A professional holistic assessment and explanation of imbalances

  • Detailed recommendations, instruction on how to implement them and any relevant handouts


Although I do offer individual sessions, choosing a package always unfolds the best results and also saves money. 


75-minute Consultation – $90 


Package of three 75-minute consultations – $240 (save $30)


Add-on support service:

For those desiring email and phone support between appointments for a more personalized coaching program, this service can be added on to your package for an additional $100. You can choose this option after your first consultation based on recommendations and your personal preferences.


Custom Packages

We can customize a combination package of Wellness Consultations and Reiki Healing Sessions that best meet your individual needs. 

All consultation services can be done in person in Gorham, Maine or via the internet or telephone, or any combination.

Prior to seeking consultation from Sandra, I had several physical manifestations of deeper issues going on in my life. Sandra’s dedication and passion for what she does definitely came through in our sessions. Taking her advice has not only improved my physical symptoms, but has also reinforced positive changes into all areas of my life. Sandra is extremely knowledgeable and has an uncanny ability to hear the space between the words being spoken. I highly recommend her services.

V.K.R., Long Island, NY