Are you ready to purify and rejuvenate your entire being and reclaim your vital energy to feel lighter, healthier and vibrantly alive?


 Ayurveda holds the key to the art of holistic cleansing. This seasonal cleanse is not about fad diets, extreme fasting or deprivation. An Ayurvedic approach to cleansing is gentle, intuitive and honors your unique needs and those of your body so it can relax, recharge, reclaim.

As such, you’ll take time to slow down and tune into yourself while providing the body with what it needs to let go of accumulated stress and toxins. I’ll customize a plan just for you that takes your current lifestyle into consideration, making it realistic and doable.

I’ll serve as your guide, providing instruction as well as support between appointments to help you stay on track and get the best results possible.

During this process you will come to know yourself in a much deeper way. Cleansing is an excellent tool for coming to understand our triggers and attachments and teaches us how to be with them in a loving way.

After your cleanse, you should feel more energetic and clear and enjoy enhanced digestion and metabolism. This is an excellent way to prepare yourself for all that summer has to offer!


To begin, schedule an Pre-cleanse Consultation. We will discuss your health history, goals and lifestyle and determine the best approach to your cleanse. I’ll explain the details and determine a plan on how to proceed.


Should you decide not to proceed, I will give you recommendations for improving your wellbeing that you can take with you and incorporate into your day-to-day life.


75-minute Pre-cleanse Consultation – $125 – Will be applied to package if you choose to enroll in your customized cleanse.


Customized Guided Cleanse Consultation Package – $475 – Includes Pre-cleanse Consultation and explanation of the cleansing process, plus two additonal consultations (one during and after), recipes and any guidance via email and phone between appointments. If additional in-person appointments are needed, they can be added on at the rate of $125/session.